The ALCHEMI Project

The ALMA Comprehensive High-Resolution Extragalactic Molecular Inventory (ALCHEMI) was an ALMA Cycle 5 Large Programme designed to image the circumnuclear zone (CMZ: 850x340 pc) of the nearby starburst galaxy NGC253 from 84 to 163 GHz (Bands 3 and 4) and from 211 to 373 GHz (Bands 6 and 7) at 1 arcsec (17pc) spatial resolution. An ALMA Cycle 6 project has been added to ALCHEMI to augment its capabilities with 1 arcsec imaging of the NGC253 CMZ at ALMA Band 5 (163 to 211 GHz: ALMA Project 2018.1.00162.S).

NGC253 from 2MASS

This site provides access to ALCHEMI Science Archive (ASA) produced for the exclusive use of ALCHEMI collaboration members. Information on these data can be found in the Documentation and Archive sections of this archive.